Change of Name to Chenavari Toro Income Fund Limited

Please note that Toro Limited changed its name to Chenavari Toro Income Fund Limited from 15 November 2017. The TIDM remains TORO, and all other legal terms remain otherwise unaffected.

Investment Summary

Investment Objective

The investment objective of Chenavari Toro Income Fund Limited (the “Company”) is to generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns, through investing, and in some cases, trading opportunistically, in structured credit markets or asset backed transactions via three sub-strategies: Public Asset Backed Securities (“ABS”), Private Asset Backed Finance and Direct Origination.


Investment strategy

Public ABS strategy: The Company will opportunistically invest or trade in primary and secondary ABS markets to seek out opportunities that aim to unlock significant value from ABS investments that the Portfolio Manager considers to be mispriced by the market relative to their intrinsic value.
Private Asset Backed Finance strategy: Through the Portfolio Manager, the Company will leverage on the extensive relationships it has with European Banks and retail credit firms in order to gain access and invest in private asset backed finance transactions that are otherwise unlisted and difficult to source.
Direct Origination strategy: The Company will primarily invest, on a buy-to-hold basis, in originators of securitisation vehicles by retaining the requisite retention securities in such vehicles, pursuant to the relevant risk retention requirements in the EU or the US. This strategy benefits from a liquidity premium and ‘alpha’ by participating in the origination, as well as enhanced economics on the retained interests, with further added value derived from the team’s sourcing and structuring capabilities. Additional investment opportunities may also include providing warehouse credit facilities.